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Pricing update

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It’s already been a big year for Eden on the River. Early in the year we spent some time reviewing our products and pricing structure. Over the years we’ve added new tours and discontinued others. We’ve added facilities and extras and never really assessed our pricing structure.  We found that many of our customers were finding the different pricings and inclusions confusings. 

Together with a wonderful business mentor, we sat down to reassess everything; this meant thinking about what our core product actually is, and then we went from there. Our amazing designer has put together this gorgeous graphic to help our customers vizualize what we have to offer.

There’s so much to do at Eden, but how will you choose?

Let our little guide make it easy for you!

Step 1. Start with General Entry, our basic starting price.

Step 2. Add more fun! Build your Eden adventure by adding an extra such as Tropical Mini Golf, or a guided Garden Tour or, best of all, our Bridges of Eden Tour. Can’t decide and want to do it ALL? Our All Day Combo is for you!